feature films

Being able to work on television shows and feature films is a dream come true. The experience of seeing the finished work on the big or the small screen can not be beaten. In this part of my website,

I want to present you the projects that I was fortunate to work on until now.


Besides working on the documentaries 'Darwin's lost paradise', 'Leonardo Da Vinci- Der Genie Code' and ''Duell in den Wolken' during my internship at Paul:bewegt, I had the pleasure to work on the first two seasons of 'Wolfblood'.


Next to the german animated movie "The 7th Dwarf", you have two of my student projects: "Monkey Business" was part of my bachelor -thesis and "Way to School" was made during my master-studies.

Project list

'Spider-Man: Homecoming' at Trixter
Texturing, Shading & Look Development
'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2' at Trixter
Texturing, Shading & Look Development
"Independance Day: Resurgance"- at Trixter
Look Development

"Captain America: Civil War"- at Trixter
Texturing, Shading & Look Development
’ Ant-Man‘ at Trixter

Look development, Lighting & rendering


’ DxM‘ at Trixter
Lighting artist

’ Pixels‘ at Trixter

Texturing, look development, Lighting & Rendering

’ Marvel's The Avengers 2: Age of Ultron‘ at Trixter

Texturing & Look development

’ Marvel's Captain America: The Winter Soldier‘
Modeling & texturing, Lighting & rendering
’ Wolfblood - Season 2‘
Character modeling & texturing | Lighting & rendering
’ The 7th Dwarf ‘
Character & set modeling
’ Cloud Atlas‘ (uncredited)
’ Wolfblood - Season 1
Fur texturing | Lighting & rendering | 3D-Generalist
’ Day of the Siege‘
Fur Texturing
’ Marvel’s The Avengers
Intern 3D-Generalist
’ Mord ist mein Geschäft, Liebling ‘
Character modeling


’ Darwin’s lost paradise ‘
3D-Generalist & After Effects

’ Leonardo da vinci - Der Genie-Code ‘
After Effects

’ Duell in den Wolken ‘
3D-Generalist & After Effects

'Way to School'
Individual student project at FH Vorarlberg

'Monkey Business'
Individual student project at Macromedia FH