At companies like Ignyte, Trixter Commercial, Flavor3D &  Topalsson  I was fortunate to work on some great looking commercials. Not all of those commercial projects can be discussed or shown on my website, but I have managed to present you a selection of them on the following subpages.


September - October 2017

velvet mediendesign GmbH

' Ocaso ' Commercial

Modeling-, Texturing-, Lighting & Rendering-Artist


Company:  velevt  mediendeisgn

Work: Modeling, Texturing, lighting & rendering


I was cleaning, modeling and texturing 10 digi doubles from scan data, as well as laying another texture pass of damage history on top of the rollercoaster carts. After that I was doing lighting and rendering for 10 shots and 5 print images.


Software used: Maya, Vray


May 2017

HFF student project

' EARL HERNEST IV. ' Commercial 

VFX & Compositing


Director: Christian Ricken

Production: Nordpolaris GmbH

Work: VFX &  Compositing


For this HFF student project I was helping the production by enhancing the shots with explosions, smoke, gunfire.


Software used: After Effects


May - June 2016

Ignyte GmbH

' Barclay Card ' Commercial


Barclay Card

Company: Ignyte / The Marmalade

Work: 3D-Generalist


I worked as a 3D-Generalist on the future City: modeling, animation, texturing, shading, lighting & rendering.


Software used: Maya


September 2015

Trixter Commercial GmbH

 ‚ Gigaset-ME ‘ commercial 

Lighting & Rendering-Artist

September 2015

HFF student project

' Hofbräu '- Commercial

Set supervision, VFX & Compositing


Director: Christian Ricken

Production: Nomis GmbH

Work: Set supervision, VFX &  Compositing


For this HFF student project I was  involved quite early on in order to find a suiting beam effect.

Also 3D FX techniques were tested, the final effects were all made using 2D compositing in After Effects.

On the day of shooting I was responsible for overlooking the effect shots on set.

In the end I was working on 7 of its 14 shots: Lens flares, wire removal, ufo through the window and the various beam-ups & downs.


In 2015 the film won the Hofbräu-Trophy and was shown as a commercial in various munich cinemas.


Software used: After Effects


August 2015

Dassault Systemes 3DExcite GmbH – Flavor3D 

Automotive Project

Lighting & Rendering-Artist

July - August 2015

Topalsson GmbH

Automotive Project

Lighting & Rendering-Artist

September 2014

Ignyte GmbH 

' telstra - claude ' commercial 


telstra - claude

Company: Ignyte /  Fin Design |  Robber's Dog

Work: Texturing & Sculting for the sea shells


For this commercial I took over the texturing and shading work for the various sea shells.

The main protagonist's shell was sculpted using ZBrush.


Software used: Maya |  Mudbox | ZBrush | Vray


January - March 2014

Ignyte GmbH


' Baileys Coffee Creamer – The One ' Commercial

Texturing- & Look Development- Artist'


' Mattoni – Animals ' Commercial

Modeling-, Texturing-, Lighting- & Rendering-Artist


' Borjommi ' Commercial

Texturing-, Look Development-, Animation- Artist

Baileys coffee creamer

Company: Ignyte / Velvet Mediendesign

Work: Texturing & Look development of machinery, ZBrush sculting on some parts


My first commercial that I was working on at Ignyte: Baileys Coffee Creamers.
For the various machinery I was doing the texturing and shading and for the safe-door I did the lighting/rendering.
Software used: Maya |  Mudbox | Vray

Mattoni - Animals

Company: Ignyte / Velvet Mediendesign

Work: Giraffe and flamingo: Texturing, Look development and model refinement


After having done a commercial with a cg-giraffe before, Ignyte already had a textured model. 

My task was to enhance both the model and the textures, especially on the lower body.

Similiar work had to be done for the flamingo. 

Lighting and rendering were done using Yeti and VRay.


Software used: Maya |  Mudbox | Vray