Being impressed by Spielberg’s Jurassic Parc at the young age of 11 I immediately fell in love with movies. Around the same time my professional career started by recreating my favorite movies in my backyard using puppets, stop-motion techniques and LEGO figures.

Since those days my curiosity in creating images hasn’t disappeared: After editing skateboard movies, designing CD-covers and making 3D-animations it felt like the right step to enroll in a digital-media university course.

After completing my Master’s degree in Computer Graphics & Virtual Reality at the FHV University I have worked as a 3D-Generalist in Munich at TRIXTER for two years. During this time I was able to be a part of such great projects like 'Marvel's The Avengers', 'The 7th Dwarf' and 'Wolfblood'.


In 2014 I have decided to become a freelancer. Since then I have worked for companies like Igynte, Flavor3D, Topalsson, Trixter & Trixter Commercial.



Besides computer graphics I am always trying to find some time for drawing, painting & photography to broaden my knowledge on composition, design, light & color and life in general.

 If you have a project that is fitting into one of the categories listed on this homepage, don’t hesitate to CONTACT me right away!