January - March 2014

Ignyte GmbH


' Baileys Coffee Creamer – The One ' Commercial

Texturing- & Look Development- Artist'


' Mattoni – Animals ' Commercial

Modeling-, Texturing-, Lighting- & Rendering-Artist


' Borjommi ' Commercial

Texturing-, Look Development-, Animation- Artist

Baileys coffee creamer

Company: Ignyte / Velvet Mediendesign

Work: Texturing & Look development of machinery, ZBrush sculting on some parts


My first commercial that I was working on at Ignyte: Baileys Coffee Creamers.
For the various machinery I was doing the texturing and shading and for the safe-door I did the lighting/rendering.
Software used: Maya |  Mudbox | Vray

Mattoni - Animals

Company: Ignyte / Velvet Mediendesign

Work: Giraffe and flamingo: Texturing, Look development and model refinement


After having done a commercial with a cg-giraffe before, Ignyte already had a textured model. 

My task was to enhance both the model and the textures, especially on the lower body.

Similiar work had to be done for the flamingo. 

Lighting and rendering were done using Yeti and VRay.


Software used: Maya |  Mudbox | Vray