October 2015 - April 2016

Trixter Film GmbH 


' Captain America: Civil War ‘ 

Texturing-, Shading-, Look Development-Artist 


' Independance Day: Resurgance ‘ 

Shading-, Look Development-Artist

Independance Day: Resurgance


Company: Trixter

Work: Look-Development | Shading


I have worked on the shading for the Ai-ship and for the moon surface.


Software used: Katana


Captain America: Civil War


Company: Trixter

Work: Texturing | Look-Development | Lighting & Rendering


On this Project I have spend a Long time working on the shading for the black Panther character. Besides that I have adapted the shading for the shield of Captain America. I was also involved in texturing and shading the helicopter asset.

I also worked on a procedural shader setup in order to shade a huge amount of assets on the rooftop without having to texture them.


Software used: Mari | Katana