April 2014 - April 2015

Trixter Film GmbH 


‘ Marvel's The Avengers 2: Age of Ultron ‘ 

Texturing- & Look Development- Artist 


‘ Pixels ‘ 

Texturing-, Look Development-, Lighting & Rendering-Artist 


‘ DxM ‘ 



‘ Ant-Man ‘ 

Look Development-, Lighting & Rendering-Artist



Company: Trixter

Work: Shading | Lighting & Rendering


For Ant-Man Trixter created the presentation video for the Yellowjacket suit.

My Task was to build a shader that is used for all surfaces except for the yellowjacket.

For the Yellowjacket I have created an abstracted variation of the realistic movie shaded version. I also worked on lighting and rendering on a lot of the shots.


Software used: Katana



Images ©Sony


Company: Trixter

Work: Texturing | Look-Development | Lighting & Rendering


On Pixels I have worked on the textures and shading of both Michael the Robot and a drone.

Afterwards I was also lighting and rendering most of the shots that both assets appeared.


Software used: Mari | Katana


Marvel's The Avengers 2: Age of Ultron


Company: Trixter

Work: Texturing | Look-Development | Lighting & Rendering


My biggest task on Age of Ultron was the look-deveopment of the various Iron Legionnaire characters, including their multiple destruction levels. For half a year I had the fortune to work on those characters. I have learned a lot during this period in terms of my texturing and look-dev workflow. Textures were done in Mari and look-development in Katana using Renderman.


Other than that I was helping out in some areas of the Ultron Mark 1 character and several other props. For the "one-minute"-shot I was doing the look-dev, some texturing & lighting for the scan- and the assembly-room.


If you want to read more about the role that Trixter played on Age of Ultron you can go to this article at digital tutors


Software used: Mari | Katana