March 2012 - October 2013

Trixter Film GmbH, München 

Junior 3D-Artist: 


’ Item 47 ‘ (uncredited) 

Previz-Animation -Artist 


’ Wolfblood – Season 1 ‘ 

Texturing-, Lighting- & Rendering- Artist 


’ 11 settembre 1683 ‘ 

Texturing -Artist 


’ Cloud Atlas ‘ (uncredited) 



’ The 7th Dwarf ‘ 

Character & Set Modeling -Artist 


’ Wolfblood - Season 2 ‘ 

Texturing-, Modeling-, Lighting- & Rendering-Artist 


’ Marvel's Captain America: The Winter Soldier  ‘  

Texturing-, Modeling-, Lighting- & Rendering-Artist

Marvel's Captain America: The Winter Soldier


Company: Trixter

Work: Modeling | Texturing


For the Zola-room sequence Trixter extended the original set with millions of digital computer terminals. I was working on the modeling and texturing of those computers.


For another scene I have textured policemen CG-doubles that are lying next to an exploding car.


Software used: Maya | Mari


The 7th Dwarf

Images ©Universal Studios


Company: Trixter

Work: Modeling


For "the 7th dwarf" I have spent almost half a year modelling.

Trixter was responsible for modeling all of the characters and providing the previz-set models.

During this period I had to tweak almost every character once. But the characters that I have worked the most are the "Court Tinkerer" and "Herman the Merman". I have learned a lot about topology and 3D-modeling in general on this project.


Other than that I have modelled most of the previz -sets.

This was an interessting task since it established all the size releationships for the final scenes.


Software used: Maya



Images  ©BBC


Company: Trixter

Work: Modeling | Texturing | Lighting | Rendering


At Trixter I have worked on the first two seasons of the BBC series Wolfblood.

For our virtual wolves I was responsible for the skin and fur texturing.

On the second season I was asked to do some more anatomical sculpting and blend shapes for our 3D-model.


I was also working as a lighting & rendering artist on several shots.

For the transformation sequence I was working in a generalist way:

All the way from research, storyboarding, animatic to the final renderings.


Software used: Maya | Mari | ZBrush | Katana | Nuke